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SGN Code of Conduct

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 09, 2010 6:21 pm

The SGN Code of Conduct

1. All members of the Sigma Gaming Nexus must read and abide by the Xbox Live disclaimer.

2. The Sigma Gaming Nexus does not condone discrimination, racism, harassment, sexism or anything that falls within that category.

3. Leaders, Administrators, Officers and Council members within the Sigma Gaming Nexus are responsible for the organization within the community, and making sure that all members maintain a professional and respectable manner during game play, on our websites, and with all other gaming communities. We are at peace with any and all clans.

4. As a Sigma Gaming Nexus member, we encourage all not to think of yourself as just as an individual, but as part of this great community; All for one, and one for all.

5. As a member of the Sigma Gaming Nexus, we want you to be open with our leadership and enjoy the community to its fullest extent. At anytime, If you have a problem or concern with any part of our community, we would like to know about it. As long as you continue to voice your opinion, we will listen.

6. Changing your Gamertag (i.e. SGN Example) is neither rewarded nor punishable. This decision is strictly under your discretion as an SGN member and is not considered an ultimatum.

7. Although we are considered a respectful clan, members of the Sigma Gaming Nexus are not permitted to be a part of any other gaming community outside of those affiliated with SGN.

8. All members of the Sigma Gaming Nexus must be over the age of fourteen.

9. Favoritism among leaders will NOT be tolerated in SGN. We feel that the promotion/demotion of a member is based on activity, loyalty, and participation in the clan. This subject matter is taken very seriously and appropriate actions will be taken under these circumstances. If you are a victim of this act, it is your right to report it to one of our many leaders in the community. Crying wolf, however, will result in severe consequences.

10. Defying the Code of Conduct as an Admin/Council Member are to only be justifiable to SGN and nothing/no one else. Any actions otherwise not made for the good of the community may be subject for Topic in the Council forum.

11. If the clan has blacklisted members, it's okay to talk to other non-blacklisted members unless one of the blacklisted members is in a position of power and they have the potential to harm our great community. In this case, the entire clan would be blacklisted. It is also dependent on how many blacklisted members the clan has regardless of rank. We should, in no way, attempt to interfere with the operation of other clans. Interaction with a clan that has blacklisted members may be frowned upon, but not against the Code of Conduct. However, communicating with a blacklisted clan, may result in demotion or other consequence.

The Sigma Gaming Nexus is not responsible for the actions of our members, each member of SGN is expected to stay within the law, and not break it. This being said, if any SGN member is caught being a part of any illegal activity, you will be removed from the community. At any time, you may appeal this removal and plead your case on the SGN forums in our Court System. Here, the Council will decide a Stand or Overturn based on the evidence of such matter. All members of the Sigma Gaming Nexus must read and understand this Code of Conduct. Leaders within SGN have a zero tolerance policy for any member who chooses to violate any part of the rules above. As a member of SGN, we hold you to these standards. You are responsible for your own actions as a member or leader of this community. If you have any questions or comments, all leaders of SGN have an open door policy.


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The above listed have the capability to harm our great community. If you are caught affiliating with any of the above listed, great consequences will occur.

Thank You.
The SGN Team

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