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Xbox Live Profile Criteria

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:04 am

Attention SGN members and leaders: Please have your ranks posted in your motto on your Xbox Live profile. This helps all of us at SGN to better understand what Squad/Division you belong in and your rank. Here's an example of what your motto should look like:

Abyss DN -Pvt

Notice in this example, it represents the member's Squad they belong in, "Abyss" as well as the Division their Squad is apart of, "Dark Nexus". It also states the members rank in the community. This better helps our leaders to understand your activity and position as apart of our great community. The only time this motto should change is during a rank change or a Squad/Division transfer.

Also, if you can fit this in your motto, you are encouraged to put the letters "SGN" before your Squad, like this:

SGN Abyss DN - Pvt

Some abbreviations are 4 characters long. And some Squads, however, may be longer then the word "Abyss"... like "Kinetic" for example. Your only allowed 21 characters in your motto. However, if you can fit the letters "SGN" in your motto along with the above criteria, we encourage you to. But if not, your welcome to put the community name else-where on your profile.

Abbreviations of ranks are located on the rank structure in the general chat. For more information, ask Crayola or One Sin. Happy Representing!

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